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Friends Only! [April 16, 2035 @ 7:49pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


WHY: I don't need everyone reading my diatribe & why I cannot stand people, etc-etc... especially people I write/vent about, or are just regular topic of conversation, whatever... you don't need to read it unless I allow you too which also means I would also like to know who is reading this, if anyone does it all & this way I can control that a little bit, only people I allow to read this stuff can, neat huh? So, remember this is my journal, my place to write about anything I want. So, if I hurt your feelings or offend you... click the "X" at the top of the web window. That will likely solve your problem.

ADDING ME: If you can read all my entries, you're "in", meaning you're my friend already. You don't need to get "in" twice, now do you? So if you're my friend already... don't comment this entry. Also, I only usually add people I know so if I don't know you & you want to be added... tell me something interesting... do we have something in common? Comment me & I'll probably add you. Not promised but considered.

STALKERS: Check back... not every entry is made "Friends Only!"



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